From an early age, my life has been revolving around music. Growing up in the highly musical city of Trondheim, Norway, I started playing piano and then guitar and developed a strong connection with the instrument. After having a go at some repair work, it became my goal to pursue instrument making as a career. 

As a step towards becoming a guitar maker, I started studying furniture making and developed a passion for woodwork. After having made chairs, tables and cabinets, as well as briefly being employed as a furniture maker, I found it was time to take the leap of faith and move to England to study guitar making at Newark College. This turned out to be an extremely rewarding time for me and my eyes were opened to different techniques and tools, different sounds and aesthetics.

During my time at Newark College, I made a wide range of guitars and after finishing the BA, I was equipped to make steel string guitars, classical guitars and archtops. I received an honours degree of first class and was awarded the Graebner Crisford Prize to support me through the first few steps of setting up my guitar making business. 

The following autumn, I was offered to start teaching guitar making at Newark College, which was a great opportunity for me. In 2023, I decided to move to Sheffield to be part of a broader musical community and to live with friends I had studied with in Newark. I now have a workshop set up where I can continue to make and repair guitars.

Here I’m posing with my nearly finished archtop guitar near the end of my studies in Newark.